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With the federation attacking and occupying covis iii, and learning that seven of nine and kathryn janeway were recently on that planet, the alpha quadrant is inching toward war. From the planet of fenris, home of the fenris rangers, which seven of nine is a member of, to vulcan, to a former base near mintaka iii, and in the terran sector. As soon as the transporter finished rebuilding their molecules, seven picked janeway up in her arms and marched to the bedroom where she threw the captain onto the bed. Janewayseven voyager encounters death and destruction on a remote planet, and captain janeway must help seven of nine understand the nature of evil. The nature of love 18 janewayseven janeway and seven begin to explore what it really means to love. Dartt carved out a niche in the star trek voyager universe that set the bar for all others to follow. Her just between series is fifty parts long, most which can be read as standalone stories, exploring the tumultuous relationship between captain kathryn janeway and her borg crew member, seven of nine. Their relationship is one of mentor and student but also of equals because seven of nine is the only one who exists to some degree outside the chain of command and can meet janeway on her own terms. Janeway shows the former borg what it means to be human and seven challenges janeway and makes her live her own lessons. Captain kathryn janeway and seven of nine, and still no ship names other than their own names separated by a slash. The moments you watch again and again dark frontier - janeway risks ship and crew to get seven back from the clutches of the borg queen, and once she does tucks her into her alcove and wishes her sweet dreams. Standard disclaimerthe characters from star trek voyager belong to paramountviacom and whoever else has the legal documentation to back up their claim. I did this webpage to collect and to store all janewayseven fanfiction.   that is pretty informative admhawthorne, cheers for that i can actually agree on many points, as a heterosexual man (in the 18-30 age group) ive always been attracted to women who exhibit those kind of qualities, confidence, compassion, independence, intelligence and strength, i find the character of janeway and indeed kate mulgrew still attractive (even though shes got decades on me!). After eight years away from home, voyager finally reaches the alpha quadrant. What they thought would be a happy welcome home turns into a nightmare. Kathryn janewayseven of nine (41) chakotaykathryn janeway (9) chakotayseven of nine (9) tom parisbelanna torres (5) seven of nine. Many long time fans know that before roddenberrys passing, his original plans for the later seasons of tng was to make ro laren a lesbian. After his death, this was backpeddled on by berman and braga and the other creative.

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